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December 2010 Updates

January 25, 2011

Sorry guys, for sharing this so late.

The winter chill of December did not dampen the spirits at NDS and the last month of the year ended on a very exciting note.

More success stories were created with 9 deaf joining at different leading organizations like Taj Palace, Taj Mahal, Vivanta by Taj, Sports Station India Pvt. Ltd., Shangri La Hotel  among others.

Our association with Agro Tech Foods started when three deaf started their jobs with the company in June last year. Their success opened new avenues for other deaf and soon 10 students from NDS found placements in the same organization. With their commitment and hard work, these deaf inspired the organization to provide more job opportunities. This time NDS was given a bigger responsibility- to choose candidates not only across NCR but across India. Thereafter 11 more deaf were chosen and a training session organised to train them about their job responsibilities.

A team from Agro Tech Foods accompanied by the deaf employees came to NDS.

The session was highly interactive as those already employed shared their experiences with those to be employed.

With Taj Hotels, our association is comparatively new wherein the jobs for the deaf happened in the last quarter of the year. With this successful initiative, more loops have been added and we have placed 5 more deaf at different properties of Taj like Taj Mahal and Vivanta by Taj in various profiles. The staff of the hotel was sensitised and sign language orientation was done before starting with the jobs at the hotel.

The other major highlight of the month was the commencement of the IT program of hardware and networking. The students with higher computer skills are trained in computer hardware and networking, the syllabus for which has been designed in partnership with Mphasis and NIIT Foundation. The classes are conducted by a volunteer from NIIT and interpreted by an interpreter.

Members of different sections of Lioness club were frequent visitors at NDS during the month. The members of Lioness Club (Arun Vihar) donated money for furniture with which chairs were bought for the classrooms. The members also provided financial help to buy sweaters for winter uniform for little children. It was fun time for our little children when they were taken for picnic at a park in Noida. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their day out as they played different games and won gifts. The members gifted the kids with Benetton T shirts. Time and again Lionesses have been gifting various stationery items too to NDS.

The purpose of the Lioness Club (Environment) was a bit different.  They came for a session on ‘How to save environment’ to be conducted for the students at NDS. It was great learning for our students as they were taught about environment conservation.

The students sat through the session trying to extract maximum knowledge out of it.

During their visits to NDS, Lioness club members realised that a health check up camp could be organised for the deaf especially for those coming from financially weaker backgrounds. A doctor accompanied by the members paid a visit and examined the students at NDS. The students openly discussed their problems with the doctor more often complaining about functional headache and problems related to iron deficiency in the blood as the doctor diagnosed.

A research assignment was conducted by students of Pearl Academy of Fashion Designing on skill mapping of the deaf with the needs of the fashion Industry. The research output could help identify new job profiles  for the deaf in this Industry.

The interest to learn sign language intensifies while working with deaf. This is a step towards forming strong bonds as communication bridges all gaps. At Lemon Tree Hotel the team came forward for an orientation in sign language. Their enthusiasm was quite obvious as the team sat through a daylong session.

The staff at NDS, busy with their professional commitment, seldom gets time to sit, relax and communicate with each other. This month before the year end, a special meeting was organised, as a team building exercise, to draw up our individual goals at work for the year 2011.

A four member team participated in UP Athletics championship for deaf held at Bareilly. All the four team members won different medals in events like 100 mts. race 200 mts. race, 100×4 mts. relay and shot put. These deaf will further participate in all India athletics championships to be held in Madurai.


Success Story – 5 & 6

January 25, 2011

Today we are  sharing two very inspiring stories of NDS students Karan and Bambam who are working in Information Technology Outsourcing division at Mphasis, Pune.

Karan Bahadur Chand, 26 years old deaf boy, belongs to a small town in Uttrakhand. He belongs to a modest family. His father retired from the Army and is now supporting his family through the monthly Government pension and his mother is a house wife. Karan has two brothers, both of whom are studying computers.

Karan moved to Delhi about 4 to 5 years ago to pursue his education and got trained in Cutting and Tailoring. At a young age of 21 he got married to a Deaf girl. He also worked in an Export house for some time to earn an income. Karan then decided to join our organization- Noida Deaf Society and has been associated with us for the past 2 years. He learnt Computers and English here. Infact he was selected as a peer educator and was teaching English to fellow Deaf Students.

Karan has always been a hard working boy. Being married, he understood the meaning of responsibility and wanted to do well in life so that he could support his family. This dream came true when he was selected for the training program in Computer Networking and Hardware organized by Mphasis. Post the training he was offered a job and is now working in Pune.

Karan has come a long way. From being a quiet, shy boy to working and living independently in Pune has been quite a journey, one that both he and his family are proud of.

Bambam Prasad, 25 years of age is a bright Deaf boy. His family belongs to Bihar. His father works as a teacher and his mother is a housewife. Bambam is the eldest with 3 younger siblings. Bambam moved to Indore to pursue his education. He is one of the few Deaf to have completed his class 12th and is currently pursuing B.Com through distance learning.

Bambam never allowed his disability to deter him. He never relied on anyone else to build on his skills. In his free time he would read a lot and kept working on his English Communication Skills. He later moved to Delhi and joined the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and had been working there as a project assistant handling administrative work.

Bambam is a sharp, mature boy and has always been keen on learning new skills.  He has good social skills and is an extremely responsible person.  He was selected for Mphasis’s training program and proved himself by successfully completing the training and was then employed by the company in Pune. His struggles and hard work have paid off and he is today a role model for the many Deaf in the country.

Bambam’s and Karan’s success have led to more employment opportunities opening for our youth at Mphasis, Pune. A total of 19 youth from NDS are today working at Mphasis. This is what the team at Mphasis had to say:

Mphasis Feedback

Source : Mphasis Internal Newsletter

In the words of Aparna Sardar, Delivery Head, Training and Quality, Mphasis, an HP company,

“The Team leader of the process where the two Deaf students- Karan and Bambam are working is extremely happy and satisfied with both of them. They picked up the process quite quickly and are quite comfortable in their tasks. They are delivering up to expectations. As far as their social competencies are concerned, they have settled in very well with fellow team members. In fact they delivered Sign language classes for their team. They are extremely polite and courteous and willing to learn from all co workers.”




November Updates

December 8, 2010


November has indeed been a successful month, not only in terms of placements but also in terms of sensitizing hearing people at different organisations working in coordination with the deaf.

A total of 9 students from NDS got employed in different places like Taj Palace, Shangri La,  Indeutsche International (export house) and Pearson (publishing house)

Diwali celebrations at NDS were special. The students were told about the Epic of Ramayan and the reasons for Diwali celebrations.It was exciting as only few students had an idea about why Diwali was celebrated

This month, staff of 3 organisations came forward to learn sign language in exclusive and concise workshops. At Lemon Tree Hotel, it was an opportunity for the hearing as well as deaf. The deaf were refreshed on life skills and their hearing counterparts were sensitized in basic sign language. The staff showed keen interest to learn to communicate with their deaf team members.

NDS’s connection with Shangri-La Hotel is strengthening with the days. Initially starting with two jobs for deaf, the number has now grown to 6 placements in different departments of the hotel. The deaf with their commitment and dedication have been setting examples at their workplace. Moreover the team from hotel has visited NDS often to look for different ways to help deaf. Their visits this month was fruitful too and they brought stationary items, white boards etc. which are frequently used by NDS in the classrooms to train the deaf. The hotel’s staff keen interest in learning sign language resulted in a four days workshop at the hotel. Representations from every department with NDS trainers were part of this successful workshop. The session included general terms used in everyday life to terms related to specific departments. The hotel staff’s keen interest in learning and revising resulted in a successful third day session with the deaf staff of the hotel. On the last day deaf students from NDS were invited to the hotel. The hotel team took them for a visit of different departments communicated with them directly. This enriching experience will definitely help in strengthening bonds between the deaf and the hearing at the hotel.

Another training and orientation was carried out at Pearson Publishing House. Pearson publishing house, for the first time ever, introduced two deaf in its graphic designing  team. Two NDS students who had completed their 1 year training for DTP at NDS found a job at Pearson which is a big opportunity for the two to show their talents in designing and graphics.

The graphics team before welcoming the deaf in their office decided to equip themselves with the language of the deaf. Learning the basic words and designing vocabulary in sign language will definitely help the team to effectively communicate with the deaf.

Our cricket team NDS Tigers participated in a tournament at Rohini Sports Complex. The tournament was organised by Delhi Development Authority for physically challenged. Though our team lost the match, it was a good exposure and a big challenge for our cricket team. A special training program (A+) has been started at NDS for the students who have completed their MS Office training and are interested in getting higher training to equip themselves for better jobs. This two months intense training will be conducted at our previous centre at sector 66. Hardware and networking are the areas covered with special classes in life skills. Trainers from NIIT have volunteered to provide the training facilitated by an interpreter for the deaf to learn better. Orientation for the same was given to the students, training for which will commence in the first week of December.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions please write to or best visit us at our office in Noida!

Thank You!

September 16, 2010

You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. – Khalil Gibran

This post is dedicated to all the volunteers at Noida Deaf Society. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who have been contributing in various ways for the development of our students and the organization. They have been selflessly dedicating their time, skills and efforts and helping us in bringing about a meaningful difference in the lives of the Deaf.

All our volunteers have been a source of great support to NDS and we wish to thank each of them for being part of our journey. These volunteers are the real change makers of society and we are glad that people from all walks of life-students, homemakers, professionals are coming forth to do their bit for society.

We also have special classes for people interested in learning Indian Sign Language as knowledge of the language can enable them to directly interact with our students and engage more deeply.

If you have never volunteered, try volunteering.  Believe us, its a sure shot path to long term happiness 🙂

For people interested in volunteering, please contact us. Some of the volunteer opportunities available with our organization are as follows.

S. No. Activity Description
1. Mentoring our students Employment is our core objective at NDS. Volunteer can share about the industry needs with our students, give them inputs on professionalism, work ethics, job vs career, growth path, and soft skills required to sustain a job
2. Advanced Training In MS Office Applications The volunteer can give take sessions on advanced functions for applications such as MS Excel and Power point
3. Data Entry Volunteer can assist the team at NDS with data entry work
4. Communication Material Volunteer can help us with our communication material, e.g., brochure, newsletter, success stories, etc.
5. Job Placements Volunteer can help NDS with contacts for employment opportunities with various companies and business houses for our students
6. Fundraising Volunteers can help us with fundraising
7. Mapping Industry Needs Volunteer can look at various industries and help us map areas where the Deaf can fit in well looking at profiles where the work is of a repetitive nature and there is no customer/guest interface required

Success Story of Vikas Singh

May 14, 2010

This is the story of Vikas Singh who has been working in Nirulas, Noida for the past two years. Vikas learnt English and Keyboarding skills in NDS. Vikas is the only earning member of his family. His father is no more and his mother cannot work due to her illness. At Nirulas he makes pizzas and works eight hours a day. Extremely happy and enthusiastic about his independence and work at Nirulas he told this writer about his past six jobs.

Vikas worked in various factories earlier where the working hours were long (around 11 hours) and the pay was minimal. (Rs. 1500). He was forced to change jobs due to under payment. At Nirulas he gets Rs. 3500 per month. He is expecting a salary raise this May and is looking forward to it. NDS also supports him by giving him a scholarship of Rs.1000 due to his tough family circumstances.

Vikas plans to work for three more years in Nirulas and then wishes to find a government job which will secure his future. In his conversation Vikas comes across as a cheerful, warm and patient personality and also possesses a razor sharp memory. Conditions in the food and beverage industry are tough. Long standing hours in the heat of the kitchen and preparing good food for your customers (especially in summers) can be a daunting task. Vikas has risen above all the hard physical conditions of this industry and has also been successful in building up a good rapport with his team members. Always possessing a cheerful demeaneour Vikas comes to work everyday with the same enthusiasm and zeal as he did on his first day. He has been a role model and inspiration for the other deaf students at NDS.

Three Cheers for you, Vikas!!!

Success Story -3

May 9, 2010

Sangeeta and Dinesh could barely make two ends meet throughout the day. With both being deaf and having the responsibility of a daughter, their struggle was tough. Still with an unwavering faith and confidence in themselves, Sangeeta learnt MS Office at NDS and Dinesh worked hard learning other skills and waiting for the right opportunity.
Through our intense Life Skills program Dinesh got placed in Leela Kempinski Hotels, Gurgaon. Today they are a beaming couple, contented and confident, leading a financially secure life.

Success Story -2

May 4, 2010


Lokender was a low skilled student hailing from the Faridabad with low confidence and attitude problems.

After joining NDS he was trained in core life skills and other pre-employment skills for attending selection interview in Barista Coffee. He had almost no knowledge or skills in cooking before this interview.

However after he was selected for working in Barista Coffee, there has been a positive change in him. He is confident enough to prepare a variety of salads and pizzas on his own. On top of that the company is planning to send him abroad to learn further skills in cookery and catering.

Apart from the above one of our students, Hemant Kumar, has been awarded the ‘Best Employee’ award by Cafe Coffee Day.

For NDS each student is a success story and we hope it continues….

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