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A New World!

July 29, 2011

NDS is a world in itself about which I was completely unaware of till 4 months back.  A soundless world so different from ours but yet as lively and fun seeking as the hearing world. I came to know about NDS, when I was searching for a job. When I read about NDS, a part of me really wanted it, but the other part, (the disapproving one) warned me that I am not suitable for the job. I had no knowledge of Sign Language or understanding of what deafness was about, how I could work in a place where most of the employees are also deaf.

I’ve never had any experience of working with the differently abled and I always thought that this is one sector where I can’t fit. But little did I know how destiny can change things. After going through NDS’s website and collecting all the information I could get, I started mulling over whether to apply. Finally I decided that I should apply and leave the decision to the selection panel. After a totally unexpected interview call and equally weird interview I was selected. My family was not exactly appalled but neither were they supportive, they were just not really sure about my decision. Still I went ahead  and joined NDS.

On my first day here when I entered office, there was no one who could speak my language. For the first time in my life I felt helpless in communicating. How do I tell excited people around who I am or simply what I am doing there? But surprisingly rather than leaving me alone and ignoring me, like most people do after seeing a differently abled person they came forward and tried to communicate with me. In no time they taught me a few greeting gestures and how to spell my name.

It has been more than 4months since I entered this new and different world and there has been no looking back. Amazingly, now not only my family has accepted my decision, but noticing my happiness they also feel happy and excited.

NDS is a crazy place with so much happening each moment. There are days when you don’t even realize how morning became afternoon and afternoon moved to evening. The best part about NDS is that you get to see so many smiling faces that you can’t really stop smiling yourself. These things may sound overly dramatic, but you need to see and feel for yourself on what I really mean and how true it is.

Aditi Agarwal

Assistant Program Manager

Noida Deaf Society – India

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  1. Shruti permalink
    December 4, 2012 10:44 am

    Hey guys I work with Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation and had a few questions regarding your organization. Is there an email I can contact you on?

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