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Success Story – 5 & 6

January 25, 2011

Today we are  sharing two very inspiring stories of NDS students Karan and Bambam who are working in Information Technology Outsourcing division at Mphasis, Pune.

Karan Bahadur Chand, 26 years old deaf boy, belongs to a small town in Uttrakhand. He belongs to a modest family. His father retired from the Army and is now supporting his family through the monthly Government pension and his mother is a house wife. Karan has two brothers, both of whom are studying computers.

Karan moved to Delhi about 4 to 5 years ago to pursue his education and got trained in Cutting and Tailoring. At a young age of 21 he got married to a Deaf girl. He also worked in an Export house for some time to earn an income. Karan then decided to join our organization- Noida Deaf Society and has been associated with us for the past 2 years. He learnt Computers and English here. Infact he was selected as a peer educator and was teaching English to fellow Deaf Students.

Karan has always been a hard working boy. Being married, he understood the meaning of responsibility and wanted to do well in life so that he could support his family. This dream came true when he was selected for the training program in Computer Networking and Hardware organized by Mphasis. Post the training he was offered a job and is now working in Pune.

Karan has come a long way. From being a quiet, shy boy to working and living independently in Pune has been quite a journey, one that both he and his family are proud of.

Bambam Prasad, 25 years of age is a bright Deaf boy. His family belongs to Bihar. His father works as a teacher and his mother is a housewife. Bambam is the eldest with 3 younger siblings. Bambam moved to Indore to pursue his education. He is one of the few Deaf to have completed his class 12th and is currently pursuing B.Com through distance learning.

Bambam never allowed his disability to deter him. He never relied on anyone else to build on his skills. In his free time he would read a lot and kept working on his English Communication Skills. He later moved to Delhi and joined the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and had been working there as a project assistant handling administrative work.

Bambam is a sharp, mature boy and has always been keen on learning new skills.  He has good social skills and is an extremely responsible person.  He was selected for Mphasis’s training program and proved himself by successfully completing the training and was then employed by the company in Pune. His struggles and hard work have paid off and he is today a role model for the many Deaf in the country.

Bambam’s and Karan’s success have led to more employment opportunities opening for our youth at Mphasis, Pune. A total of 19 youth from NDS are today working at Mphasis. This is what the team at Mphasis had to say:

Mphasis Feedback

Source : Mphasis Internal Newsletter

In the words of Aparna Sardar, Delivery Head, Training and Quality, Mphasis, an HP company,

“The Team leader of the process where the two Deaf students- Karan and Bambam are working is extremely happy and satisfied with both of them. They picked up the process quite quickly and are quite comfortable in their tasks. They are delivering up to expectations. As far as their social competencies are concerned, they have settled in very well with fellow team members. In fact they delivered Sign language classes for their team. They are extremely polite and courteous and willing to learn from all co workers.”




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