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November Updates

December 8, 2010


November has indeed been a successful month, not only in terms of placements but also in terms of sensitizing hearing people at different organisations working in coordination with the deaf.

A total of 9 students from NDS got employed in different places like Taj Palace, Shangri La,  Indeutsche International (export house) and Pearson (publishing house)

Diwali celebrations at NDS were special. The students were told about the Epic of Ramayan and the reasons for Diwali celebrations.It was exciting as only few students had an idea about why Diwali was celebrated

This month, staff of 3 organisations came forward to learn sign language in exclusive and concise workshops. At Lemon Tree Hotel, it was an opportunity for the hearing as well as deaf. The deaf were refreshed on life skills and their hearing counterparts were sensitized in basic sign language. The staff showed keen interest to learn to communicate with their deaf team members.

NDS’s connection with Shangri-La Hotel is strengthening with the days. Initially starting with two jobs for deaf, the number has now grown to 6 placements in different departments of the hotel. The deaf with their commitment and dedication have been setting examples at their workplace. Moreover the team from hotel has visited NDS often to look for different ways to help deaf. Their visits this month was fruitful too and they brought stationary items, white boards etc. which are frequently used by NDS in the classrooms to train the deaf. The hotel’s staff keen interest in learning sign language resulted in a four days workshop at the hotel. Representations from every department with NDS trainers were part of this successful workshop. The session included general terms used in everyday life to terms related to specific departments. The hotel staff’s keen interest in learning and revising resulted in a successful third day session with the deaf staff of the hotel. On the last day deaf students from NDS were invited to the hotel. The hotel team took them for a visit of different departments communicated with them directly. This enriching experience will definitely help in strengthening bonds between the deaf and the hearing at the hotel.

Another training and orientation was carried out at Pearson Publishing House. Pearson publishing house, for the first time ever, introduced two deaf in its graphic designing  team. Two NDS students who had completed their 1 year training for DTP at NDS found a job at Pearson which is a big opportunity for the two to show their talents in designing and graphics.

The graphics team before welcoming the deaf in their office decided to equip themselves with the language of the deaf. Learning the basic words and designing vocabulary in sign language will definitely help the team to effectively communicate with the deaf.

Our cricket team NDS Tigers participated in a tournament at Rohini Sports Complex. The tournament was organised by Delhi Development Authority for physically challenged. Though our team lost the match, it was a good exposure and a big challenge for our cricket team. A special training program (A+) has been started at NDS for the students who have completed their MS Office training and are interested in getting higher training to equip themselves for better jobs. This two months intense training will be conducted at our previous centre at sector 66. Hardware and networking are the areas covered with special classes in life skills. Trainers from NIIT have volunteered to provide the training facilitated by an interpreter for the deaf to learn better. Orientation for the same was given to the students, training for which will commence in the first week of December.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions please write to or best visit us at our office in Noida!

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