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Thank You!

September 16, 2010

You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. – Khalil Gibran

This post is dedicated to all the volunteers at Noida Deaf Society. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who have been contributing in various ways for the development of our students and the organization. They have been selflessly dedicating their time, skills and efforts and helping us in bringing about a meaningful difference in the lives of the Deaf.

All our volunteers have been a source of great support to NDS and we wish to thank each of them for being part of our journey. These volunteers are the real change makers of society and we are glad that people from all walks of life-students, homemakers, professionals are coming forth to do their bit for society.

We also have special classes for people interested in learning Indian Sign Language as knowledge of the language can enable them to directly interact with our students and engage more deeply.

If you have never volunteered, try volunteering.  Believe us, its a sure shot path to long term happiness 🙂

For people interested in volunteering, please contact us. Some of the volunteer opportunities available with our organization are as follows.

S. No. Activity Description
1. Mentoring our students Employment is our core objective at NDS. Volunteer can share about the industry needs with our students, give them inputs on professionalism, work ethics, job vs career, growth path, and soft skills required to sustain a job
2. Advanced Training In MS Office Applications The volunteer can give take sessions on advanced functions for applications such as MS Excel and Power point
3. Data Entry Volunteer can assist the team at NDS with data entry work
4. Communication Material Volunteer can help us with our communication material, e.g., brochure, newsletter, success stories, etc.
5. Job Placements Volunteer can help NDS with contacts for employment opportunities with various companies and business houses for our students
6. Fundraising Volunteers can help us with fundraising
7. Mapping Industry Needs Volunteer can look at various industries and help us map areas where the Deaf can fit in well looking at profiles where the work is of a repetitive nature and there is no customer/guest interface required
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