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Success Story of Vikas Singh

May 14, 2010

This is the story of Vikas Singh who has been working in Nirulas, Noida for the past two years. Vikas learnt English and Keyboarding skills in NDS. Vikas is the only earning member of his family. His father is no more and his mother cannot work due to her illness. At Nirulas he makes pizzas and works eight hours a day. Extremely happy and enthusiastic about his independence and work at Nirulas he told this writer about his past six jobs.

Vikas worked in various factories earlier where the working hours were long (around 11 hours) and the pay was minimal. (Rs. 1500). He was forced to change jobs due to under payment. At Nirulas he gets Rs. 3500 per month. He is expecting a salary raise this May and is looking forward to it. NDS also supports him by giving him a scholarship of Rs.1000 due to his tough family circumstances.

Vikas plans to work for three more years in Nirulas and then wishes to find a government job which will secure his future. In his conversation Vikas comes across as a cheerful, warm and patient personality and also possesses a razor sharp memory. Conditions in the food and beverage industry are tough. Long standing hours in the heat of the kitchen and preparing good food for your customers (especially in summers) can be a daunting task. Vikas has risen above all the hard physical conditions of this industry and has also been successful in building up a good rapport with his team members. Always possessing a cheerful demeaneour Vikas comes to work everyday with the same enthusiasm and zeal as he did on his first day. He has been a role model and inspiration for the other deaf students at NDS.

Three Cheers for you, Vikas!!!

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