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Some Good News – Need your help and support

April 23, 2010


We have some good news to share..NDS has cleared the first round of Digital Media and Learning Competition. We are also proud to share with you that from India there are just 2 or 3 organizations who have made it to round 2 and we are among them :-). A brief description of the project we proposed is below.

The project we are proposing is a first time ever creation of interactive online content focusing on multi-skills development where the Deaf will learn, share and develop academically and intellectually across the country. We would be creating modules in areas such as English Communication, Mathematics and Science.

We seek your active support in making this dream come true. We request you to please look at the following link and review our project and leave your comments.

In order to clear round 2 and reach round 3, we need your active participation.

Your positive feedback will go a long way in helping us reach the next round. Hope to have your support in this mission of bringing quality education for the Deaf in the country.

You have to create a username and password to post your comments. Once your account is activated, you can go to the link and post your comments. The name of our project is ‘Learning Ecosystem for the Deaf’.

Thank you so much people for all the support!

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